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From this amazing simple window, you just walked in to the most powerful and proven tools of education and training for K1-K12 students, project managers, global leadership skills and more amazing training.  Follow us on Twitter & FaceBook!Lily Harvey 1 Lily Harvey 1b

欢迎来到北美的智慧校园。从这个窗口,你已步入国际上最强大的网上教育练考和培训模拟考试工具:1 234    

1. Tool for K1-K12 students and for teachers call eTAP (益泰博学) One  week Train eTAP Facilitator program limited seats for booking. Detail inquiry email VP: LilyHarvey@eTAP.org

为小学-初中-高中(K1-K12)的学生考高分的学习和练考;入美国-加拿大-及英语国家的名牌大专院校的练考工具:益泰博学 即:eTAP  参见中英文介绍   一周培训国际青少年益泰博学系统运用协调员2017年微信报名:LilyHarvey   联系副总裁 email: LilyHarvey@eTAP.orgetap-in-all-countries_cncapture-1

2. Tool for professionals and university students to learn project management skills and gain credentials that will lead to qualify to apply PMP exam. Book your personal and group learning contact: DoveGlobal888@gmail.com  We invite you to follow us on Twitter & FaceBook!

为专业人士和大学生学习项目管理技能和获得证书,将导致有资格申请PMP考试。有关PMPAspire介绍. 申请PMP高级职称流程. 有意向的单位同我们联系。2017年 报名:DoveGlobal888@gmail.comsimlulator_esaas_cn_contact-infoe-saas-key-modules_ene-saas-key-modules_cn

3a. Following most sought Global Leadership Training Program in 2017. see following description. Group Inquiry for 2018 – 2020 and early booking contact by email: DoveGlobal888@gmail.com

最先进的全球领导力训练营  – 于2017 1.3.4月在加拿大和美国。 4天课堂培训,1天工业游,2天城市游。有意向的单位同我们联系。2017年 报名:DoveGlobal888@gmail.com
特朗普和富爸爸的杰出学生将教你特朗普和其他国际传奇人物采用的成功技能,特朗普称之为点石成金术, 造就你成为行业领袖人物1_en1

3b.  Form Success habit from first understand the power of Virtue. One  week Training Program limited seats for booking. Detail inquiry email: DoveGlobal888@gmail.com

营造事业成功美好人生的好运必需先领悟美德的威力. 有意向的单位同我们联系。2018-2020年 报名:DoveGlobal888@gmail.comvirtue_huminity virtue_man

4. Knowledge and courses on Investment such as robotics trading system that to be understood by people never did invest in stock market. Specifically, Product of Cool Trade Robot Client service blog  and  Cool Trade University. Online learning program all year round. To book your seat, contact CoolTraders123@gmail.com

关于投资股票的知识和课程. 例如机器人交易系统, 从来没有投资过股票市场的投资者能轻松学会。具体点击绿色网线。有意向的单位同我们联系。2017年 报名:CoolTraders123@gmail.com


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