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Andrew Wommack Audio Teachings 

Ellen White’s  Audio Books  |   Pdf Books  | 中文圣经 |
启示录电影 12 |
大卫讲启示录 12, 3,

“Sacred Secretion”, Ancient Mystery HIDDEN in the Bible_1, 2, 3, 4

Coastal Church Sermon Archives    Our favorite: Hear God’s voice!

了解邪恶video 1, 2, 3, 4

David Pawson in Chinese to hear! 大卫鲍森讲圣经66书及智慧


Bible-story-summaries-index – All major stories in the bible

Awesome teaching by Adrain Rogers Archives

We are partners with KCM.Org – We are thankful that KCM praying for all their partners around the globe EACH DAY.

Amazing conversation on Seeing Jesus: KCM.ORG videos

Learn about speaking in tongues:
Kenneth E Hagin – Winter Bible Seminar – 1995-02-23 (IMBF.ORG)
Kenneth E Hagin – HS Meetings -1997 – 10/17/97 St Loius AM
Kenneth E. Hagin. Prayer in the Holy Spirit.  – see my KEY captures.
Kenneth E Hagin tongues and interpretation and speaking out mysteries in prayer language WBS 021803
35 Kenneth Hagin – How to be led by the Spirit 1  2  3
69 Kenneth Hagin – Why speak in Tongues


watch: Kevin Zadai Died. What Jesus Showed Him Will Amaze You! 

How to Hear God Speak in Your Dreams

Hearing God Through Your Dreams – Mark Virkler & Charity Kayembe (Friday, 9 Sep 2016)

2016 Audios of Echo Mountain,
Coastal Church in Vancouver –
we do every Sat. group prayer for world peace, wisdom and strength to great leaders around the world; people and families’ healing, wisdom, peace and success.


Learn Bible in 1 Year

Bible reading audio in English   - by


Bible text (ESV; NIV)   Easy to find verses in AMP 

中文圣经文字: CCB    易读查经版I  II(66)


Alpha English 09 – What Does the Holy Spirit Do?
Alpha English 10 – How Can I Be Filled with the Spirit?
Alpha English 11 – How Can I Resist Evil?
Alpha English 15 – How Can I Meke the Most of the Rest of My Life?


More click here Source Of Wisdom  – to explore this site soon – to explore soon


Speaking God’s favor over your life



Prayer For Immediate Financial Help – Here’s What To Do

Powerful Prayers




10 FACTS About GOD That You Don’t Want to Miss !!!

12 FACTS About HEAVEN You Probably Didn’t Know !!!

4 Ways GOD Speaks toYou !!!

 7 FACTS About UNCLEAN MEAT That You Probably Didn’t Know !!!

 25 Normal Things The Bible Forbids But We Still Do

2017 from HS | ABC | Positive thinking | Blood  Grace | God’s name |  | 2017 Song of Joy| Bible movies 104


I Received From God_KCM video in 2018; BA; Mama; Dove – to Read  – usa monument – George Washington prophesy


2021 new finding site need to look into if it is real from God:

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