eTAP can help schools race to the top

eTAP’s Mission is to help every student succeed and schools ranking UP  Watch the testimony video.

Here are some key features and benefits:

  1. eTAP covers K12; a total of 48 courses and
  2. University entry exam prep programs. Such as: IELTS, GED, SAT, ACT, ASVAAB
  3. All practice questions and tests are scored immediately by software upon submission. Each student’s learning and progression is auto recorded every time when the student signs in. This has made monitoring students study an easy and accurate task for the teacher, school & parents
  4. The text has been measured by the Microsoft reading level tool to be at or below grade level. This means the text uses short sentences and words.
  5. eTAP combines easy-to-understand primer style instruction with questions released from standardized tests.
  6. Pre-tests allow students to focus on what they need to learn.
  7. Instructional units are short to allow students to easily master the content.
  8. A variety of learning resources are provided so each student can select those that best fit. etap-benefit_teacheretap-benefit_studentetap-benefit_parents

e-TAP是一项全面的教育资源,包括级别小学1年级至高中3年级共 48门课程。4个核心科目。教学、评估、链接视频和学习资源加评估所有年级、科目和高考的考试——如SAT 考。etap-core-subjectsCapture 2Capture 3

Some of the ways has been used: before, during and after classroom instruction, as supplement to textbooks, for special education, test prep, course recovery, independent study,

eTAP方法使用举例:课堂教学之前、期间和之后,作为补编的教科书,对特殊教育、测试准备,课程恢复、独立 学习或复习。

eTAP is built to empower every student succeed and help schools thrive – grow rapidly as well as backup with same highest education quality to students who choose to  or have to do home schooling.

eTAP是使每个学生都获得成功的助学方法。,并帮助学校蓬勃发展-快速成长以及 使家庭学生的学习与享受最高的教育质量的学生相媲美。

The outcome of using eTAP:
eTAP personalized content has increased the Success of all students including those with different learning styles and English as a second language.

ETAP个性化的内容增加了成功的学生量。包括 以不同的学习方式学习的学生和英语作为第二语言的学生。

eTAP  can help ALL students of 1-12K around the world succeed through two ways: 

I. If you are students of public school or private school, eTAP empowers you with total freedom to do pre-test, practice test to mastery your subject to achieve best final exam result. Same time eTAP empower teachers with features of monitoring students’ learning progress and option to edit contents to fit that schools education requirement.

I: 如果您是公立学校或私立学校的学生, eTAP使您有完全的自由来做预测试、练习测试以掌握您的主题以实现最佳的最终考试的结果。 同时eTAP赋予教师的功能: 1)监控学生的学习进展 2)选项以编辑的内容以适应学校教育的要求 3)软件的自动批卷精确省时。外加双文凭机会-见 II.

How the schools or regional school boards or local government education vendors to subscribe to eTAP Service, and how teachers to use these features at schools, please contact us at -

* China contact us 中国学校或学校董事会或当地政府教育供应商订购eTAP服务, 学校和教师如何使用这些功能的,请联系
Membership Support –
Phone/text/WeChat: 18505125685

* Canada & USA Contact us 加拿大和美国的学校或学校董事会或当地政府教育供应商订购eTAP服务, 学校和教师如何使用这些功能的,请联系:For those regions have our represents, we will direct you to work with our agents.
Membership Support –
Phone/text:6048008316  微信: LilyHarvey

II. If you are considering to do home schooling or already doing the home schooling, then Great News to you that,  by using eTAP alone, you will graduate and receive a diploma from a California private school Pacific International Academy which is an extension of eTAP service. You are required to pass each subject’s midterm and final exam that must be completed in addition to the pre, practice and post test for each lesson. As we know, California and Taxes are the two states among 50 states stand out for the highest education standards.

II: 如果您正在考虑要上家庭学校或已经在做,对你来说喜讯是,通过使用eTAP你还可申请参加获美国加利富尼亚州 的小学, 初中 和 高中的毕业文凭的考试。 加利福尼亚州太平洋国际学校,是eTAP的一种扩展教育文凭服务。 学生除了预考、练考和测试后的每一课,还要必须通过每课学习和小考,中考和最后的考试,。 我们知道,美国加州和德州是两个在50个州中教育水平最高的州。


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