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Jesus’ covenant-of-grace

This page will list the teachings that come to our attention through the Holy Spirit guidance on the topics that God wants to teach the blessed believers.  If You Believe, You will Receive. When You Receive the word from God through Jesus and his Holy Spirit, You Inhale the Breath of God, and  You Drink the River of Life.  And You will Exhale All demons have controlled you,  made you suffer and hopeless. So KEEP Breathing in God’s breath and KEEP Drinking the River of Life, You will see yourself ascending to a new life being filled with Abundant Goodness!

1. How To Hear God Every Day! | Mark Virkler | Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural!

2. 3 Keys to Clearly Hearing God by David:  Silence, Word, Obedience 

3. How to Recognize and Expel Demons by Derek Prince

4. Katie Souza on It’s Supernatural with Sid Roth – Stay Unoffendable  – Amazing being offended is a sin. Speaking words hurtful will wound the soul as well as the one says it. Wow! Watch it and be empowered with Love and Kindness.

5: Are you aware of the sin and trauma can wound our soul and cause all kinds of sickness or hardship? Watch soul decrees 

6: Can you imagine your conventional belief of working hard on your own ability cannot be blessed rather be cursed – shocking! ( It is written on  Galatians 3:10. Also read Rome 4:16 on Grace ) If you work too hard still struggling, you need to watch this Healing The Void, Part 1     Part 2 -  bitterness n stuff got from worm got healed!

7. Burn the Serpent(s) hiding inside of you, your finance, your health, your life and your place – the cause of every fall and suffer.  Wow!   Watch More: Serpent and Fire

8. Know the days ahead in 2017 and beyond:  THE GREATEST END TIMES SIGN in ‘777 | Rev 12 Woman in Heaven will occur on 23 Sep 2017 – by Discover Ministries 

9.  Thank you for sowing your seed – words from KCM

More findings on the word of God

Healing Scriptures from the Bible.wmv 

 speak favour over your life

Bible about Homo sexuality:

– Apr 2017



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