Evaluation of eTAP Website

e-TAP, Inc. , a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation

Evaluation of eTAP Website
by California Education Consultant

Evaluation of eTAP Website
by California Education Consultant
I reviewed the Website legacy.etap.org for quality of content and ease of navigation. I am pleased to report that eTAP is equal to or better than many of the best educational sites I have encountered or worked with. 

I found the site to be very user-friendly and easier to navigate than most mainstream education sites. There are no banners, popups, or cluttering images. The registration process, required to access content, was simple and quick to complete.

Once inside the content area, I discovered that the strands of content were solid, focusing heavily on correlation to state standards. The actual content is written in a friendly, informal style, yet it lacks the “fluff” of many educational sites. It is clear that the focus of this site is on helping students master basic, state-required content, in order to prepare for standardized tests.

The content is written at a lower-grade vocabulary level to help students who are struggling in their regular studies. The student reads a page of instruction, and then s/he is presented with a Practice Exercise (quiz). At the end of the lesson, a Problem section tests the student on the entire lesson. In addition to instructional content, links to other learning resources and videos are provided throughout the lesson for students, parents, and teachers to gain further instruction

Because of its strong content and associated, teacher-focused links, eTAP is an excellent resource for beginning teachers. Each lesson is correlated to CA state standards, which aids the teacher in focusing on specific required content. I highly recommend eTAP as a strong, promising resource for students, teachers, and parents. eTAP stands among the very best.

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RE: Review of eTAP.org Web Site and Content  – From Rhea Stewart

I was pleased to be given the opportunity to review eTAP’s web site and assess the   curriculum offerings. These points summarize my observations.

  1. Based on my experiences as a curriculum developer and a parent of students in a California school district, I found the alignment of instructional content to the California State Standards to be an important feature of eTAP content. California’s schools are becoming increasingly aware of the relationship between content alignment and increased student achievement. By aligning their content to California’s standards, eTAP facilitates easy integration of their curriculum into existing classroom instruction.
  2. eTAP makes their curriculum accessible to students who are learning English. This is an important curriculum step to supporting English language learners, who form an increasing population in schools in California and across the United States.
  3. The use of audio to support instructional strategies offered in eTAP’s curriculum shows a strong use of effective instructional pedagogy, by supporting multiple learning styles.
  4. The instructional design strategy of eTAP’s lessons demonstrates attention to instruction, enrichment, practice, assessment, and an effective model of the use of technology.
  5. The breadth of content available in the core subject areas positions eTAP’s content to provide excellent subject coverage.
  6. The content offerings could be easily integrated into an existing curriculum to for an effective instructional model for all students.

The Web site’s interface is clean and easy to navigate. Users are able to move seamlessly through all aspects of content, especially to be able to move

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