TWD: The Wedding Day Photos

IMG_3432- 2b

IMG_3432- 2c


IMG_3437- 4

IMG_3438- 4b

IMG_3442- 5

IMG_3443- 5b

IMG_3446- 7

IMG_3449- 7b

IMG_3451- 7c

IMG_3452- 7d

IMG_3454- 7e

IMG_3456- 7f

IMG_3458- 8

IMG_3463- 9

After CM, communion with the Lord, lead by KCC brother Mike:

IMG_3466- 10c IMG_3467- 10d

IMG_3469- 10e

IMG_3474- 10f

IMG_3476- 10g

All wedding guests blessing prayers for this new couple:

IMG_3477- 10h

KCC Church Brothers and sisters in Jesus come forth to bless us. And we bless each of you, for the Lord said: The Father blesses those bless His children, curses those unkind to those belong to Him.

IMG_3478- 11a

IMG_3479- 11b

IMG_3480- 11c

IMG_3481- 11d

IMG_3482- 11e

IMG_3483- 11f

IMG_3484- 11g

We opened our wings of His to Bless those blessed us whom His beloved:

IMG_3485- 11h

Enter the House of God to see the new couple to cut this special made exquisite wedding cake, designed by the bride and amazingly made by Claudia from the local Value Plus Grocery Store.                Cake name: Lily & Ron’s Godly Love Forever!

IMG_3486- 12a

IMG_3486- 12aa

IMG_3493- 14b

IMG_3488- 13a

IMG_3489- 13b

IMG_3505- 15c

IMG_3530- 15n

IMG_3517- 15g

IMG_3509- 15e

IMG_3507- 15d

IMG_3519- 15hb

IMG_3519- 15k

IMG_3519- 15j

IMG_3525- 15j

IMG_3523- 15i

IMG_3530- 15l

IMG_3528- 15k

IMG_3530- 15m

IMG_3539- 15o IMG_3540-15r IMG_3540-15q IMG_3540-15t IMG_3550-16a IMG_3553- 16b IMG_3555-16c IMG_3557-17a IMG_3559-17b IMG_3560-17c IMG_3561-17d IMG_3563-18a IMG_3565-18b IMG_3566-19a IMG_3570-19b IMG_3574-19c IMG_3575-19d IMG_3600-20 Congrats cards

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