eTAP 益泰博学的全球大使使命

 eTAP Global Ambassador Program’s Mission: Help Every Child Succeed!
益泰博学的全球大使使命:帮助每个孩子成功成才!Ambassador_sample dove chinaeTAP Ambassador Certificate Meanings -

Dove. A symbol of Love, peace, prosperity from the creator.
Flag. Represent the country or territory that eTAP set to service
eTAP logo. This is the Certificate Issuer

和平鸽子: 爱、和平、繁荣的象征。

Honor & Commitment as eTAP Ambassador
By applying to become an Ambassador, indicate you have a strong desire to join eTAP Ambassadors mission.
By accepting the Certificate, you committed to eTAP Ambassador mission in every opportunity to support eTAP to Help every child succeed!


In specific: You stand as eTAP Ambassador , once a week to tangibly provide info about eTAP and How eTAP can help students succeed to your network such as wechat or face book or twitter. If you do this in an event, make sure take photos to post at your network and our eTAP Ambassador & Friends WeChat Group.
The info links are:

具体要求:您作为ETAP大使,每周一次,无论在国内或国外或出席其他的网络会议,要有能力在任何场合贴切地切实提供有关ETAP信息和ETAP如何帮助学生的视频在您的如下网络- 如微信或FB或Twitter。如果您是在一个实地活动中宣传,请确保拍摄照片发布在您的网络和我们的ETAP大使和朋友微信集团。 您应介绍如下链接:

(在中国因无法访问FB或Twitter, 益泰博学提供微信视频在我们的大使和朋友微信群。要同中国沟通的大使必须有微信用微信! )

 eTAP Chinese name meaning:


A global school with unlimited highest quality rich resource for every student succeed at ease, peace, efficiency & confidence!

1. Increase 2.Benefiting 3. Further and better

泰:1、平安,安定: ~然处之。2、佳,美好:~运。3.泰卦为易经六十四卦之第十一卦。泰的意思是交通和畅,卦象为表示地的“坤”和表示 天的“乾”相叠加,以示阴阳交通和畅。
1. Peace and stable 2. Harmony 3. In YiJing, it means harmony of the heaven and earth, all in harmony

博: 是形声兼会意字,从十从尃。范围大、广大。十像十字路口,意为四面八方东西南北中齐备义;尃有分布、散布, 因此博为四面八方各处都有的意思。本意为精通、广大。
The richness and the magnificence are unlimited and endless. Here refer to eTAP resource to help every student succeed.

1. 效法,钻研知识,获得知识,读书 2.传授知识的地方 3.掌握的知识 4.分门别类的有系统的知识
1. Learn, study 2. place to teach 3. mastering knowledge and skills 4. Systems of all knowledge

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