The Wealth, Money vs. Currency

The wealth has a deep meaning and covers all aspects of good things that will nurtures and grows goodness in life and universe, glow and flow joy and harmony in every being. It includes just name a few:
– Health
– Happiness in life
– Plenty of wisdom
– Enough money supply, incl. currencies that can be used to do shopping and investments
– Good place to live
– Great ability to supply others and nurture others

Money is the thing can hold value for a long time to even infinity that can exchange goods or services at any time. It includes just name a few:
– Gold
– Silver
– Diamonds
– Precious Gems

Currency is a promise that indicates the value that believed in can be used to exchange goods or services at the time and places where this currency is accepted. The more the currency can be trusted, the more it holds confidence in holding it and using it.
Traditional currency is in paper form. The massive grow challenge is that governments printing it to meet their challenges in the way that paper currency has no chance to hold its value it was claimed.
Since 2009, bitcoin as a digital currency also called cryptocurrency was invented as a new form of currency, it has the nature of unable to be printed more nor re-produce, this clearly is a solution to the paper currency flaw.

Since the money and currency have great effect to our day to day life, although the roots of all is sitting quietly and invisible to the majority, here we list what we found the most recent research and study on money vs currency at:


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