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How to use eTAP  使用方法

Good News: Currently, all eTAP instruction is accessible on the world- wide Internet and affordable.

福音:“全世界的学生只要能上网或用wifi, 就能使用此以世界公益为目的的助学助教eTAP网上系统.  !”

eTAP (electronic Teaching Assistance Program) is a nonprofit public benefit corporation. eTAP’s mission is to provide K-12 instruction that will be a complete curriculum using the latest education technology. All material will be provided on the world- wide Internet. Curriculum text can be printed from the Internet and includes Lesson Plans (Preview), Instruction with example and Practice Exercises, Problems, Videos and Tests which will be questions usually used in standardized tests such as the SAT, state high school exit exam etc. Currently, all eTAP instruction is accessible on the world- wide Internet and affordable.

ETAP (益泰博学电子助教系统)是非营利性公益机构。 ETAP的使命是提供K-12学习指导,采用最新的教育技术和完整的课程内容。所有材料提供在世界范围内的互联网上。课程文本可以从网上打印出来,包括课程计划(预览版),标准化考试题,如SAT考试,州高中结业考试等使用的例子和练习题。全世界的学生只要能上网或用wifi, 就能使用此以世界公益为目的的助学助教eTAP网上系统.  

Global Vision Statement from the Vice President:
. . . stems from a belief that quality education is a society’s greatest asset, children and educators will always be our greatest hope, and our children’s education is the cornerstone of our country’s future.


Global Vision Statement from the Vice President:
Education leaders, industrial leaders and Leaders of Nations, the wise ones will come forth as a join force from all over the world to participate eTAP to help ALL our children around the world succeed.



  • To assist teachers and parents in meeting the individual needs of their children through eTAP personalized and adaptive learning and teaching system.
  • To improve the performance of students with confidence.
  • To give all students individual assistance to meet their full potential achievement.


* 帮助老师和家长在满足孩子的个性化需求。
* 提高学生的成绩在全球知识经济竞争。

To provide instructional material for the following programs:

  • School instruction and textbooks supplemental
  • Home Study education
  • Individual student instruction.
  • Student preparation for standardized tests.
  • Basic technical education for students’ success in the knowledge economy.


* 作为学校教学和教科书的补充
* 作为老师对个别学生指导的工具
* 作为家庭教学的工具
* 对标准化考试,准备入一流大学的学生作为备考练考的准备。
* 作为任何人掌握基础教育和社会经济知识的平台。


California Learning Resource Network ( CLRN) has reviewed eTAP courses and found to be in compliance with California State standards. This means that CA schools can buy eTAP with federal and state funds.  Click to see: CLRN Review


加利福尼亚学习资源网络( CLRN )审查了ETAP课程和确认符合加州标准。这意味着, 加利福尼亚州的学校可以因使用ETAP系统而获联邦和州的教育基金。点击查看: CLRN评论

Annual Filing 年度申报 (contact us for pass word)

Student Diploma from PIA & eTAP
小学,初中和高中的学历样图PIA Student Diploma

 How to use eTAP  使用方法


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