Beautiful Holiday Stay in the Okanagan BC

Beautiful Holidays to  美丽的假日住处:

- USA  美国
- Vancouver Canada,  加拿大的温哥华
- Okanagan BC  加拿大的欧垦娜根酒乡

Following lovely holiday ALL INCLUSIVE Stays Awesome Deals in Okanagan Wine Country BC Canada, that our friends enjoyed and found access to learn healing, peace and spiritual development.

美 丽 的 假 日 住 处 位于加拿大BC省的欧垦娜根酒乡。空气鲜美,鸟语果香,世外桃园,人间伊甸园。我们的朋友居住后喜欢,在此推荐。您现在可以预订住宿。定完为止。联系方法:

Current Not Available! Waiting list txt to: 602.507.9681

Canada: Spectacular wine country view in all seasons - many wineries wine tasting and orchards tours around.  

Canada: Wine Country at Beautiful British Columbia 
加拿大:在美丽的BC省的葡萄酒之乡The property 2

IMG_4186 Lily at Car Show 1


ice wine_Okanagan Ski-Sun-Peaks-Resort-Okanagan


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