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The Feb 11 2016 most recent water test on PH degree and Chlorine of Phoenix Arizona tap water and office use bottle water:tap waterThis showing the tap water carries the degree of Chlorine level is ok, but the PH is extreme acidic.

bottle waterThis is the bottle water that most offices use. To our surprise, the testing result almost the same as tap water in Chlorine and PH.
———————————————————————–Next will be above same water run through simple Travel Steel Bottle B101 B101

that does purifying & transforming water into: Ionized Microcluster Alkaline Premium Water: 

Tap water through B101     bottle water through B101 Tap water run through B101 vs. Bottled water run through B101

Following is drinking water Ph Charts so you can do your own test and draw your own conclusion:

water80 PH chartblog-water-test-Poolchart-244x300

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