Olalla Paradise

Owner wrote:
Home Sweet Home! – RENTED!

– Home is where your heart delights !

This home for rent info:  ( Keep moving down you will see all pic)
- 1 master Bed room and 2nd bed room, 1 bath, 1 kitchen room, – 1 spacious living room. 
- Spacious porch, spacious parking area can fit 2 cars.
- 3 Gardens: front garden, side garden and back garden.
This is a tranquil heavenly home office life style that is on the land of fertile and gorgeousness that is surrounded by the mountains and mountains covered with sages and greens and other fruit trees. It is a home for many precious animals such as deer, squirrels, bears, mountain goats, and from time to time you will see humming birds and bald eagles flying. Wineries, Vineyards and farms are nearby. 5 min drive to downtown Keremeos and 25 min drive to the City of Penticton.
Here is the spring and summer looks. When the spring comes, ALL vibrancy blossom and the park garden always gorgeous ALL seasons especially in spring, summer and autumn time. Park garden and the road always be taken care of by the full time park manager.  Most neighbors are rich retirees who enjoy tranquil life style here and routinely travel to USA, Mexico, etc and cruises.  Following Pictures  were when owner personal belongs still there, now they removed. Newest pictures at bottom of this page

.Home n enviornment


The property 2

The property

View 1







Olalla Stanley Park 2

Olalla Stanley Park 3

Current we cleaned out most of personal items. Renter can create their desired atmosphere.

2016 living room 1 Living Room seeing the kitchen and hall way to master bedroom and 2nd bedroom on the left, bath room also on the left.

2016 living room 2Living room facing street and mountain

2016 bedroom 2 Master bedroom

2016 bedroom ele  panel Master bedroom showing where is the elect. panel

2016 BedroomMaster bedroom wit window seeing the mountains

2016 2nd bedroom 22nd bedroom – left side is the door, front is the slide door for handing cloth, store things etc.

2016 Kitchen 1 Kitchen – facing main entrance – refrigerator, oven and dish washer all work

2016 Kitchen 2 Kitchen – side. Look to right into the living room

2016 Kitchen 3 Kitchen – side. Look to right into the living room

2016 Kitchen 2 Kitchen – side. Look to right into the living room

Main bathroom w appliances Master bathroom w. washer and dryer - works. New owner should have new appliances  and a new curtain for a new look if I were you.

Main bathroomMaster bathroom w. washer and dryer - All works.


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