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Open a checking account at Tangerine has the opportunity to receive 50 CAD Free Money with Promo code  the key: 15681285S1 - This promo will ends July 31 2018.

!!!New and will expire Oct 31 2018:
Home buyer get a min. 150,000 CAD mortgage – WILL GET $1200 to help cover the closing costs or use for anything else. Simple steps:

1. Use promo code: 15681285S1

2. Go to to learn all the details

3. Min. $150,000 /promo ends on Oct31 2018

Why Use Tangerine?

The benefit of using Tangerine personal banking service is the  ongoing UNLIMITED FREE Personal Banking Services, which can save up to – In 10 years if now you are paying 12.00/month, then the saving will be 1200-5000 CAD.  Enjoys 24X7 call in talking to a real service person or online service wherever you are.

Above promo code apply to Canadian Resident and citizens only. If you are a students study here, then you are a resident to Canada.

Here is the link that   you can register to open your new checking account to receive gift cash of 50 CAD:

  1. click this link
  2. copy in the key#: 15681285S1 to complete the opening a new CHECKING ACCOUNT.

Bank will deposit 50 CAD as soon as you deposit 100 CAD within 60 days. Good to do it same day as soon as Bank email you congrats you opened new checking  How to get 100 CAD to there same day so their 50 CAD can deposit to your account? Simple:from your current bank online account email self 100 CAD, then check email and deposit to Tangerine checking account. Done!

If you login to your new Tangerine checking account, print out or take a photo of your check, then give to your employer payroll office , they can direct deposit your pay to your T checking account. After 3 months, Tangerine will deposit 75.00 to your account. This PROMO ends May 31 2018.

 Ok,now you have these info so you can benefit simply by these easy online clickings.

50 CAD promo ends Aug 30_L


Orange Key#: 15681285S1

截止 EXP:

July 31 2018

Take Action to Receive Free Money is easier than you may think.  You can do it ONLINE with following required info or,

Walk in Tangerine cafe  to open your checking account. . You need to bring 3 things:

1. Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada or whoever has a Canadian SIN# and ID.

2. First time open a bank account with Tangerine bank AND willing to deposit 100 CAD at the time of opening a checking account

3. Apply online with this Orange Key#: 15681285S1 or in person Provide the open  new account manager with this Orange Key: 15681285S1 (this key gives 50.00 as the Max amount – any Canadian resident can apply it. Each person can only use once)

If you live in Vancouver, easiest way is to bring above all required, Must show ID, Key# and 100 CAD for deposit to checking account, in person, walk into the branch office located in Vancouver.

Tangerine Vancouver Office Office Hours : 

Mon-Fris: 9:30am – 5:30pm   Sat: 10-4pm

Add:  466 Howe Street, Vancouver Canada  (near the Canada Place)

***The ongoing benefits of using any of Tangerine banking services and transactions if FREE! No transaction fee, no package fee, no monthly fee, no any kind of inventive fee!!! That means a on going in 10 years saving of 1200 – 5000 CAD!!! 

If you or you or your friends are not live in Vancouver, simply follow above tips to do it ONLINE  and apply Orange Key#: 15681285S1 to open your checking account, so on.

Promoter  prize: First 20 Action Takers Opportunity to WIN A BIG PRIZE up to Value of 1000.00 from School Of Wisdom! 赢智慧学校大奖!
If you received this promo money, email a screen shoot to Office@SchoolOfWisdom.Info  to enter an annual  Draw Of Value Up To 1000.00   PRIZE incl. a weekend 3 NIGHTS Ocean View Stay in the most spectacular place of Vancouver, and much much more.如果你的申请成功获得50加币, 你可拍个证明照 电邮我们入抽奖池. 电邮地址:Office@SchoolOfWisdom.Info (Must incl. Full name, cell/tel# for notification if you win. 必需要有全名和电话号码赢奖时联系用)

YEARLY PRIZE DRAW ON DEC1. 智慧学校抽奖日: 12月1日

Privacy Policy: Any contacts contact will be kept confidential except at the time of the Prize draw to announce the winner, winner’s name will be listed on this blog page. Winner will be contacted to receive this Prize and will be invited to give a 1 m’ video speech to express the Joy of Winning.




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