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Celebrate Month of May and July 1 National Day of Canada, Special Training Learning  classes are  released! All in 90 days period in person or online or both.
Learning venue: retreat places Vancouver or Wine Country BC
They covers:


I: Mind, Body, Strength, Clarity and Happiness

20170308A: 女人幸福法 (中文班)(英文班)

20170308B: 男人幸福法 (中文班)(英文班)

20170308C: 治病强身健脑净心的内修法 (中文班)(英文班)

20170308D: 禁食清智圆满所求法:
1天法;3天法; 7天法;21天法 (中文班)(英文班)

II:  eTAP Certification Program for business: (English Only)

20170308EA: eTAP Associate Certification

20170308EAFF: eTAP Affiliate Certification

20170308EF: eTAP Facilitate Certification

III: Project Management Ultimate Training: (English Only)

20170308PMB: Jump Start Project Management

20170308PMM: Advanced Project Management

20170308PMP: PMP Prep Certification

IV: Personal Success Traits Development Training:

20170308MMI: 百万富翁思维法  (中文班)(英文班)

V: Global Leadership Development: 

20170308TRUMP: 世界级领导力五大能力培训  (中文班) (英文班)

VI: Public Speaking Skill Development 

20170308PS: 公众演讲技能培训 (中文班)(英文班)

VII: Stock Market Trading 

20170308CTP:  Robotics Trading  (中文班)(英文班)

20170308OPT:  Option Trading  (中文班)(英文班)

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