Location 1:  Retreat Stay in Vancouver
Location 2: Retreat Stay in the Wine Country of British Columbia 

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隆重推出2020做幸福成功人士专辑培训 7-49天系列!
2020 Uncover the Universe Within Programs from 7- 49 days

I:  念头,体魄,目的,清晰度,幸福和成功的真意及得到方法
Mind, Body, Purpose, Clarity, Happiness, Success and HOW TO 

7 – 49 Days custmized Classes to fit each group(中文班/英文班)

2. 治病强身健脑净心的古代内修密法
Ancient Healing & Imortal Secrets 

7 – 49 Days custmized Classes to fit each group(中文班/英文班)

3.  禁食清智圆满所求法
Step by Step Guided Fasting 

1天法;3天法; 7天法;21天法 (中文班)(英文班)

II:  美国eTAP K12教书助教考资责证书的培训
USA eTAP K12 Certification Program for education business using eTAP outside of USA: (English)

 美国eTAP K12考教书资责证书
USA eTAP K12 online courses use for home school teaching Certification

美国eTAP K12考助教资责证书
USA eTAP K12 online courses use for school Facilitate Certification

III: 美国项目管理培训
USA Project Management Ultimate Training: (English Only)

  • Jump Start Project Management
  • Advanced Project Management
  • PMP Prep Certification

IV: 百万富翁思维法
Millionaire Mind Class

V: 美国总统特朗普推崇的世界级领导力五大能力培训
President Trump Global Leadership 5 Principles: 

VI: 公众演讲技能培训
Public Speaking On Stage Training  

VII: 股权投资神课
Stock Option Trading  (

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Follow up with us by TXT: 602.507.9681 

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Wish to do these course at the beautiful wine country in British Columbia? Visit this page and contact us to customize your needs.   Retreat places Vancouver or Wine Country BC

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