eTAP Mission & Vision

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The eTAP Mission

– by Blaise J. Subbiondo, eTAP’s Founder

. . . is to bring quality education to children throughout the country with whatever educational resources best engage them and promote active learners. To that end, we provide engaging educational materials that allow all students to experience learning success and become life-long contributing members of our communities. We support educators, parents and students by offering learning resources that satisfy students with differentiated learning styles. This increases their academic success and reduces student dropout rates.

The eTAP Global Vision

– by Lily Harvey, eTAP’s VP of International Marketing & Branding

Education leaders, Leaders of Nations, industrial leaders , and the wise ones will come forth as a joint force from all over the world to participate in eTAP to help ALL our children around the world to succeed.

eTap 24X7 online personalized and adoptive student learning & teaching system that can help ALL the students from K1 to K12 to learn better, make learning painless, fun, resulting in better grades, saving time and cost efficient.

eTap system also enables teachers to teach from ready to go contents, using the features to generate individual auto score and test results,  making it easy to monitor each student’s learning progress in detail.

If you have a passion in promoting better education please contact: LilyHarvey@eTAP.Org
- We will Love to Hear from you!

e-TAP是一项全面的教育资源,包括级别小学1年级至高中3年级共 48门课程。4个核心科目。教学、评估、链接视频和学习资源加评估所有年级、科目和高考的考试——如SAT 考

eTAP的竞争优势 – 教育产品 – 三大举世无双的优势:

  • 举世无双 1:


  • 举世无双 2:

学生每月交一次费可看所有内容 48个课程和所有的高考炼考题。勤奋好学的学生有自由翱翔的空间。

  • 举世无双 3:


 eTAP 学历证书的作用

美国加洲小学 毕业证可入学美国任何洲的 初中,美国加洲初中毕业证 可入学美国任何洲的高中拿美国毕业证,美国所有大学入学要求 高中毕业证书 + 高考分要求 + 有的还要求有做公益经历。

  • 学生在线学习的理念功能是怎么设计的?

轻松,玩游戏式 的来学习




  •  如何能做到快速提高学生的学习能力和考试成绩等

拿学历有其学习方法:每课先考后学,发现自身闪光点, 课课必学过。 要小考,中考和大考。

单一练考 过高考高分其学习方法: 整体先考后补,找出弱点 各个击破。不必每课必 过。无限制 的 炼 考, 摸拟考, 只到考出高分,去考试中心正式考。

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